Ben Lorenz

Ben Lorenz plans to follow brother Blake to Oklahoma.

Ben Lorenz has been in love with golf since he was 3 years old. 

He recalled, as a toddler, taking his father’s VCR tapes of pro golfers and watching them repeatedly to learn the game as if they were his “own cartoons.” 

They also allowed Lorenz—who is now a Sunrise Mountain High School senior—to create his own golf game. 

“My freshman/sophomore year I was really small so I would have to rely on my short game and putting,” Lorenz said. “Then I started growing before my junior year, so I was able to hit it farther.”

His technique worked. He has earned the Division I state championship and a commitment to the University of Oklahoma. 

Lorenz also qualified and played for the 2018 National Junior PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Course in Louisville. 

“I didn’t play the best, but it was a good experience to play against the best players in the country,” he said.

Previously ranked as ninth in the nation in the class of 2020, Lorenz is listed as 20th in the Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings. He’s kept a keen eye on the rankings but laid off a bit since he committed. 

Lorenz’s older brother, Blake, won the Division II championship for Sunrise Mountain in 2017 and is a sophomore at Oklahoma. Lorenz intends to follow his brother to Oklahoma after graduation. 

“It’s a nice little thing that we’re both going there but I didn’t make my decision only on him going there,” Lorenz said. 

Coach Nick Rizer, who founded the Sunrise Mountain golf team in 1988, said Lorenz’s game stands out. 

“It is leaps and bounds the best one,” Rizer said. “He’s got the total package to always compete. He would much rather people not know he’s a great golfer.” 

Lorenz’s character shouldn’t be overlooked, either. Carrying a 3.9 GPA, Lorenz is planning to major in business or communications at Oklahoma. He said the key to balancing good grades and sports is to merely get the work done and not procrastinate. 

Lorenz, who uses Ping products, hopes to make an impact with Oklahoma, just like at Sunrise Mountain.  

“Freshman year I want to jump into the top 5 and then hopefully help the team qualify for the national championship,” he said.