American football on green grass, on black background

“The one thing I do want to bring is competition"

After being away from Arizona for the last five years, Peoria native Kamryn Bennett is excited to return and play for the Arizona Rattlers.

At Centennial High School, Bennett was a two-time first-team All-West Valley offensive lineman. He then attended and played football at the University of California, Berkeley. 

Last season, he played two games for the Nebraska Danger in the Indoor Football League.

At every level, Bennett believes he learned something to improve his game. At UC Berkeley, his coaches helped him fine-tune the fundamentals of his game struggled with in high school.

“Learning everything about the pre-snap, and how guys are aligned, which hand guys have down, all that plays into football knowledge, football IQ and I think those coaches did a great job of being able to translate some stuff for me,” Bennett said.

Even though Bennett only played two games for the Danger, due to a nonfootball-related job opportunity was “too good to pass up,” Bennett is still grateful he got the opportunity because it showed him the IFL is no joke.

“It was just kind of interesting because when I first got to Nebraska, I was a little nervous going into the arena life,” Bennett said. 

“I played my first game against Sioux Falls and then Sioux Falls ended up going on and winning the championship. I was kind of like wow; it was a good benchmark for me to see where I was at with how I played against them and then see them go on to win.”

Bennett is returning to Arizona to play for the Rattlers so he could play in front of a hometown crowd. 

“I didn’t really have a lot of chances to play here, so a bunch of my family and friends weren’t able to come see me play a whole lot,” Bennett said. “I’m thankful for those who did take the time to travel to come watch me play, but at the same time now it’s awesome to be here. My friends can come to the game. My family can come to the games. It’s an awesome opportunity.”

While the Rattlers’ season doesn’t start for a couple months, Bennett is staying fresh this offseason by working out and coaching the Centennial freshmen offensive line.

“I definitely want to learn how other coaches talk and I want to take in that part of the game,” Bennett said. “Being a better coach can also make you a better player. It basically makes you learn a different way.”

Although Bennett has enjoyed his time off of football, he is eager to see what he can bring to this Rattlers team.

“I’ve seen them play and they’ve got it all,” Bennett said. “The one thing I do want to bring is competition. Competition makes everyone better. They’re gritty, they play hard, they’re technically sound and I think I just want to come in and join and be a part of what they have here.”