Mayor Cathy Carlat

Mayor Cathy Carlat presents Beach House Volleyball owner Brian Lambeth with her Business of the Month award for March.

Navigating a startup business through the pandemic is tough, and Brian Lambeth, owner of Beach House Volleyball, knows this. 

However, the city of Peoria recently recognized Beach House Volleyball as being Mayor Cathy Carlat’s Business of the Month.

Founded in 2018, Beach House Volleyball is an indoor beach volleyball facility. It is the first in Arizona to offer a California beach volleyball experience in an air-conditioned facility. 

Lambeth celebrated at a dinner with his wife and children. He was thrilled that Carlat would recognize a 2-year-old startup. 

“I appreciate that Peoria would recognize a small business,” Lambeth said. 

It’s been a rough year for Beach House Volleyball, as the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to shut down during its peak season, due to social distancing guidelines. 

“It was very challenging,” Lambeth said. “We had to close down just like everyone else, and luckily we were able to keep the numbers low enough to open again and keep everybody safe.”

Most volleyball businesses open in cold-weather markets. Beach House Volleyball stands out from its competition just by being in Arizona. 

“I was really kind of the crazy one by opening this in a hot-weather market, and still, to this day, I compete with people playing at the park for free, even when it’s 110 out in the middle of July,” Lambeth said.

According to the Washington Post, volleyball is one of the most popular recreational activities, with more than 800 million persons playing globally, making it the world’s most popular participant sport.

“I’ve been playing beach volleyball for 30 years now,” Lambeth said. “It started back when I was in college. I just have a passion for the sport. Beach volleyball is one of the greatest things ever invented or played.”

Beach House offers leagues, tournaments, summer camps, private coaching/training and youth programs taught by award-winning coaches. Lambeth said the facility engages in sports psychology. The mental coping skills and other valuable soft skills are taught through persevering, according to Lambeth.

“I would say the psychology is more of the mental side of it and just learning how to deal or cope with the difficulty,” Lambeth said. “You learn how not to go darkness. You have to be able to recover from it.”

Lambeth said he felt that parenting inspired him to teach these skills.

“A lot of kids don’t want their parents coaching them, but (my daughter) was receptive to it, and that led me into coaching,” he said. “I wanted to try it, and I determined that I think I’m fairly successful at it. I’m able to communicate with the kids fairly well.”

He said he senses he has found success, which can be measured by connections. His company is still in the growth and development phase. 

“It’s about developing relationships with the kids and the families — just watching them grow as people and as players so they’re able to develop those skills that help grow their confidence,” he said. “You just see their full personalities develop as a result. That’s super gratifying.”

Lambeth thanked his coaches for their participation and thorough efforts.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to find people who have their own followings as coaches and a lot of time people and terrific coaches,” Lambeth said.