The Democratic National Committee today engineered a new digital advertising blitz aimed at Vice President Mike Pence as he touches down in Peoria for an event today following last night’s vice presidential debate.

The committee launched a “homepage takeover” on the website of the Peoria Times to greet Pence as he arrives in the area. The Peoria Times is the hometown newspaper of Peoria, where Pence is scheduled to hold a Make America Great Again campaign rally later today at a local tactical store.

The bright orange ads scattered across the site’s homepage direct readers to a 30-second DNC video spot titled “Had Enough?” that highlights what the DNC says is the Trump Administration’s failed response to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. The video juxtaposes footage of President Trump claiming he had done a “great job” responding to the pandemic with news reports citing job losses, small business closures, and lives lost as a result of the virus.

“Arizonans didn’t hear the truth from Pence at last night’s debate and they won’t hear it today at his reckless rally, so we’re making sure voters know the truth about his and Trump’s incompetent, failed coronavirus response,” said DNC Chairman Tom Perez. “Under Trump and Pence’s watch, more than 5,700 Arizonans have tragically lost their lives, hundreds of thousands are out of work, and now Trump is abandoning Arizona families once again by sabotaging coronavirus relief negotiations.”

Perez added, “Arizonans of every political persuasion are fed up with Trump and Pence’s failed leadership and they will hold them accountable this fall.”

Pence’s event will be competing for attention with other high-profile campaign visits today from former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, who faced off against Vice President Pence during last night’s debate.

According to DNC spokesperson Veronica Yoo, the ad campaign is part of a larger slate of programming intended to counter Pence’s visit today and hold the Trump Administration accountable.

“Mike Pence spent last night dodging questions about his and Trump’s ineffective pandemic response and broken promises on health care, but he couldn’t spin the truth: The Trump administration’s failure to lead is costing Arizonans their lives and their livelihoods,” said Yoo. “Pence may want to spend today’s visit to Peoria avoiding that reality, but we won’t let him escape his record of hurting hardworking Arizona families.”

Yesterday, the Arizona Democratic Party held a press conference highlighting what it called the administration’s “relentless attempts to strip away health care coverage and deny preexisting conditions protections.” During the press conference, local Gilbert resident Davis Romney said, “My dad always taught me actions speak louder than words. All I see are the actions of Donald Trump and Mike Pence trying to get rid of insurance coverage for millions of working Americans and eliminate the protections for pre-existing conditions. That is morally reprehensible.”

The DNC’s ads will run on every available area of the Peoria Times’ homepage for 24 hours.