Republicans spread misinformation


I wanted to thank Robert Lukacs for such a well-written letter to the editor in the Sept. 22 edition of the Foothills Focus. The founding fathers established free public education for all because they knew a democracy needs an educated public to succeed. The GOP-controlled states have tried for 30 years to eliminate public education through reduced funding and impossible mandates. Unfortunately, they have been successful in using social media and right-wing extremists television to “dumb down” about a third of the population by repeating lies and producing misinformation. They have convinced their base, and even the church, that hatred and discrimination of other human beings is acceptable. Unable to discern information correctly, the individuals affected have no ability to analyze or problem solve. Amazingly, many are led to vote against their own best interest without having the mental acuity to realize it.

Jim Selgo


Hayworth op-ed  confirms Lukacs’ letter


I read Mr. Lukacs’ letter on Republicans in the Sept. 22 issue of the Foothills Focus and found it interesting. Then I read the op-ed by J.D. Hayworth and found verification of everything Mr. Lukacs had written. My only comment to Mr. Lukacs is: Bravo Zulu, sir, Bravo Zulu.

Jude M. Clark


Wake up to the news


Robert Lukacs’ letter in response to J.D. Hayworth was certainly his bloviating opinion, but it is hard to believe, in view of events since Joe Biden took office, that anyone could be so stupid.

Since Joe took office, gas has increased in excess of $1 per gallon, our Southern border is out of control with no signs of relief, and Joe wants to spend $6.5 trillion of money which we don’t have.

The country’s debt is out of control, impossible to repay, and politicians’ continued spending will increase our national debt, which is driving our country into bankruptcy.

Robert must realize that Democrats are also skilled at lying; Republicans do not have exclusivity. Wake up, Robert Lukacs.

Jim Swenson