As someone who spent 13 years as a student in the Peoria Unified School District, I have seen first-hand the damage Diane Douglas can cause. In 2011, I worked with more than 300 students to bring the issue of class size to the forefront of public debate. We organized events, gathered petitions, and spoke at PUSD board meetings for several months.

During this time, while other members of the board were supportive in working with teachers, students, and the administration to find a solution, Douglas repeatedly worked against our efforts. She consistently stated that class size and classroom funding had no correlation to the quality of education, even in cases where students outnumbered desks and were forced to sit on the floor.

Douglas has a history of working to ensure that less money ends up in the classroom. She opposed adequate funding within PUSD and will wreak havoc on our statewide education system if given the chance.

As a former PUSD student, I ask that you not support Douglas in her current election. She has proven to be an incapable leader within our district and will only continue to hurt education if given the opportunity to serve in a statewide role.

In the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction, she has offered no solutions to the many challenges facing education in our state. David Garcia, on the other hand, offers a plan that will make Arizona schools competitive once more. On Nov. 4, I will be voting for David Garcia, and I hope that you will join me.

Trevor Gervais