I’m happy to report that Arizona school districts are estimated to receive millions extra in classroom site funding next year. Peoria Unified School District will see a boost of $1.1 million and Dysart schools $800,000 extra. This is good news for students and teachers. Classroom site funding is generated from sales tax and state trust land revenues.

The Legislature adjourned April 3 and the state budget was balanced in March. A lot of good legislation was signed into law that helps people from all over the state. The focus this year was to ensure government live within its means and to reduce regulations on people and businesses in an effort to boost the economy and increase liberty.

My legislation this year focused on tax policy, consumer protection, and helping schools and PTAs. I work hard on my legislation with all stakeholders and both Republican and Democratic legislators. That is why I am pleased to say that my legislation received either unanimous or almost unanimous support. My tax reform legislation, SB1446, helps contractors and was just one vote short of a unanimous vote. SB1465, my consumer protection legislation that protects roof top solar customers, passed unanimously by both the House and Senate and is now being promoted as national model legislation.

Legislation I introduced to help schools and PTAs, SB1267, got only three no votes out of 90. The legislation allows schools to seek waivers through the state from the federal government’s over-reaching ban on snow cone and cupcake sales after schools. It is both shocking and sad that I even had to introduce this legislation, all because the current federal administration decided to ban school groups from selling snacks after school that were not on their approved “healthy snack” list.

To offer input or suggestions, please contact me at 602-926-5413, or DLesko@azleg.gov

State Senator Debbie Lesko represents Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, Youngtown and El Mirage.