Anniversary dinner table

"Lesson from the bench: There is nothing wrong with having a plan, but life is too short not to roll with the punches."

This month my wife Kathy and I celebrated our anniversary. During our anniversary dinner, we talked about our wedding and our honeymoon from years ago. We had a simple wedding in our backyard and were lucky enough to have our honeymoon in Hawaii. My personality is such that I have to plan everything, and it is very hard for me to just “see what happens.”

My wife can plan, go with the flow or just see what happens.

She must have told me 50 times during our wedding and honeymoon, “Relax, it will be all right.”

I hate to admit it, but she was right.

Let me share with you some of the things we planned to the last detail, which then went sideways at the last minute. First, the minister was late and lost the wedding vows that we had spent hours writing. Our photographer was stuck in traffic because of an accident.

Our dog, Annie (who passed away several years ago), was going to be the ring bearer. Kathy made a special pillow for the rings and we tied it around Annie’s neck. We practiced her walking down the aisle and she was perfect at rehearsal. We did not plan on several guests calling her name, which, of course, made her go over to them to be petted. She was so excited that all these people had come just to see her, ha ha.

When we finally got to Hawaii and the car we reserved was no longer available, the car they gave us broke down a few miles away. All of this was going on while our luggage had broken open, and we had clothes everywhere.

We made it to the hotel and the view was perfect. I left the Arcadia door open at night to enjoy the breeze and sounds of the ocean. Our room was about 50 feet from the beach. During the night, the tide came in and covered the beach. I had never seen high tide before, and since I was only half awake I thought the island was sinking. I woke up my bride and told her of this dangerous situation. She started laughing so hard she almost fell out of bed. To this day, she still starts laughing if I say anything about high tide.


Lesson from the bench: There is nothing wrong with having a plan, but life is too short not to roll with the punches.   

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