Quality schools help protect your property values, reduce crime and attract jobs and economic opportunities. 

This election cycle, voters living in the boundaries of the Peoria Unified School District have the opportunity to support our quality schools and their positive impact on our community by voting “yes” on the district’s override and bond initiatives. 

Voters without school-age children may wonder why they should support the override. 

Voting “yes” on the override and bond initiatives will not increase the tax rate. And ultimately, everyone benefits from excellent local schools. Our schools contribute to making our area a vibrant, desirable place to live and locate a business.  

A 2018 study by showed 73% of recent homebuyers indicated school boundaries were important to their search for a new home. Of those, 78% compromised on home features, such as a garage, large backyard, updated kitchen or desired number of bedrooms, in order to purchase a home in their desired school boundaries. 

Peoria Unified schools are critical to our community’s ability to attract jobs and train our future workforce. It’s one of the reasons the override and bond initiatives have been endorsed by the chambers of commerce in both Peoria and Glendale. 

Peoria Unified is ranked sixth of more than 600 school districts in Arizona, according to, a website that rates schools across the country based on more than 100 million reviews and 200,000 in-depth profiles.  

Contributing to the district’s ranking is a 95% high school graduation rate, well above Arizona’s average high school graduation rate of 78%. 

In addition, Peoria Unified has higher test scores in math, English/language arts and science than the state average. And the district boasts one of the top career and technical education programs in the state.

Peoria Unified puts your tax dollars to work where they matter most—in the classroom. Peoria Unified has per pupil administrative costs well below average. It is one of the largest districts in the state and one of the most fiscally responsible—with a budget of $8,845 per student, compared to the state average $10,928. 


What do the bond and override fund? 

Peoria Unified has had a voter-approved override in place for more than 23 years. The maintenance and operations override on the November ballot continues that funding, which provides: 

•100% of teacher salaries for all-day kindergarten. 

•84% of school athletic and extracurricular programs.

•53% of band, music and art programs.

•96% of salaries for school nurses.

•57% of the salaries for PE teachers.

•100% of school gifted programs.

•12% of specialized reading programs.

The critical needs bond provides funding for roof repairs, restroom renovations, and heating and air conditioning units. The bond also invests in technology, replaces aging buses and acquires land for a future high school to accommodate ongoing growth.  

Please join us by voting “yes” to maintain our property values, protect our quality of life, attract jobs and train our future workforce. 

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