Opinion: Border policies spell ‘election erasure’ for Dems

Efforts to erase our southern border are accelerating as Election Day approaches.

The timing is absurdly dangerous — first and foremost for the security of all American citizens — but also for the political prospects of the Democratic Party.

While the left will likely pay a political price for this deliberate effort to shred our sovereignty and national security, the sheer brazenness of these latest actions should culminate with even larger Democrat losses in the midterms.

The latest initiative from the Biden Bunch is best described as “Americans Last.”

Alejandro Mayorkas, who has surpassed ex-Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano in the “Hall of Shame” as the worst Homeland Security Secretary of all time, has reportedly issued an “All Bureaucrats Bulletin,” requesting volunteers from every government agency to deploy to the border in support of the ongoing illegal invasion.

These “volunteers” — who would be paid for their efforts and reimbursed for travel expenses with our tax dollars during their 60 days of “service” — would essentially become personal assistants to illegal aliens.

You read that right.

Their “volunteer duties” would include meal preparation, basic housekeeping, and running errands for the “newcomers.”

So much for securing the border.

Actually, all of this began in April as an underreported — and therefore little-noticed initiative — that at the time was focused exclusively on employees of Homeland Security.

What makes it news now, and even more of an election issue, is the effort to expand this peculiar type of “volunteerism” into every agency of the federal government.

It is bad enough that DHS workers are volunteering to destabilize the homeland security they supposedly provide.

Now we could very well see personnel from the Departments of Defense and Justice take a two-month sabbatical from their jobs to undercut both national security and existing immigration law.

You can’t make this up.

But some back it up.

Predictably, many in Washington — whether holding a government post or a reporting job — have rationalized the policy outlined above as — wait for it — rational.

Among the D.C.-based press corps, there seems to be an indulgent attitude of trusting the current crowd in charge.

That “trust-the-bureaucrats” outlook was on full display during CNN’s Oct. 16 telecast of State of the Union.

The aptly named Dana Bash hosted back-to-back interviews with Arizona’s Republican and Democrat nominees for governor.

When discussing border issues with GOP candidate Kari Lake, the CNN reporter cited a DHS statistic claiming that less than 1% of migrants encountered at the border have a criminal record.

The Republican nominee politely took issue, then pointed out: “We have a million ‘gotaways’ — these are people who are intentionally entering our country, mainly through the Tucson Sector — and we don’t know what their background is. There’s a reason to try to get in unnoticed. It’s because they have a criminal background.”

Viewers could not help but notice the on-camera reaction of Dana Bash, which conveyed both frustration and irritation, amplified by her effort to counter the candidate’s assertion: “Let me just tell you that this stat — that this stat that I just cited — comes from the Department of Homeland Security!”

Duly noted, Dana.

Of course, it should also be noted that there seems to be a profound disinterest on the part of many in the so-called “mainstream media” concerning the “factually challenged” assertions made by DHS personnel.

Where was the coverage concerning Secretary Mayorkas and the knowingly false statements he made about the alleged “whipping” of illegals by border patrol agents on horseback?

How many reports appeared on CNN or the “alphabet networks” spelling out the details of late-night flights of illegals from the border to various locations around the country?

No matter. If the media won’t hold government officials accountable, voters will.

Prepare for the “electoral erasure” of several Democrat incumbents on Nov. 8.