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An article in the June 4 Peoria Times titled “Rezone Case Pending for Arrowhead RV Development” contained false information. 

Unfortunately for our community there were statements made that have unnecessarily disturbed the residents of our community.

The article stated: “A meeting with over a dozen residents and board members from the HOA of Ventana Lakes residential community earlier this year came to unanimous vote concluding they were ‘fine’ with the new development project, according to an email sent to Ventana Lakes residents from the board.”

This is a completely false statement. No such meeting occurred, no such vote occurred nor has ever been discussed or considered as an agenda item within the Ventana Lakes POA board, and no such email was sent to Ventana Lakes residents from the board.

A telephone call after the article ran was made to our Community Management Office, but by then it was too late to verify what had already been printed. 

We need to state very clearly the following: Ventana Lakes POA did not in any manner support this rezoning request nor did we oppose the rezoning request.


Jim Cook, President

Ventana Lakes Property

Owners Association