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Wismer only logical choice

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There is really no more logical choice who we have to vote for Arrowhead Justice Court judge than Craig Wismer, the incumbent. He has done a fine job by all accounts after being elected to the job after his now opponent five years ago was removed by the Arizona Supreme Court for a long list of incompetence — from violating a protection order against his then wife, attempted abuse of power as a judge, a conviction for interfering with judicial proceedings and the list goes on.

Now that man wants to be a judge who decides protection orders, among other serious matters.

I do not want that man deciding anything having to do with me or my family. When a woman or man for that matter is most vulnerable and needs help from the court, their case cannot be decided by a woman abuser. I do not want to be in front of such a man, nor do I want my daughter or any of my family members for that matter.

By contrast, Craig Wismer, who has done a great job in putting the Arrowhead Justice Court back together after this “wild man” almost ruined it, has been extremely fair, is smart and caring.

Our choice is an incompetent woman abuser or a good solid man who has proven that he can and has run the court with efficiency and most of all integrity. Craig Wismer needs be re-elected as judge of the Arrowhead Justice. The other choice is not only not thinkable, but dangerous.

Cynthia Pena