Here’s what students want to read in the news

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Hayley Anderson

Hayley Anderson

Liberty High School

Student Journalist

More of late, there seems to be more negative stories than positive stories in the news. A majority of social media and news outlets cover topics that involve political issues, violence, and tragedies.

With these sorts of stories circulating all over the place, it can be difficult to maintain an interest in reading and watching news feeds. This popular negative trend can have an influential impact on the perspective of society and the emotions of young adults.

When I asked my peers what they would be interested in seeing in their news world, the majority stated they would like to see more positive-focused stories. Acts of kindness seemed to be the most suggested type of article that students said they would like to read. These acts of kindness can be found all over the community; in group organizations or inspirational students that are finding new ways to give back to the community. These can inspire others to be more kind or motivated to lend a hand to someone in need.

There are many people in society and different communities that dedicate their lives to bring about change within the younger generations. Their stories could help their missions by spreading word of their accomplishments, programs, and how to become more involved. By helping these kind people get their stories heard, communities can be brought together to create a more cohesive bond.

Another topic that students were intrigued by was features of local bands, music, and artists. Students are always searching for that hole-in-the-wall place where they can discover new things within the community. They enjoy spending time with friends by visiting downtown areas. These areas of interest include interesting art galleries with owners who are more than obliged to share their work with anyone who is interested, and local bands and musicians who play their minds and souls for the people of their community.

News can seem all too serious, when it comes to politics and heart-wrenching stories, but showing the kindness can be a reminder to everyone that good still exists and not too far from access.