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Phillip Woolbright — more experience and courage

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Mr. Woolbright tried to reduce government salaries (even his own) from $125,000 per year to $70,000. Many people in power beat him up, pushed him down, knocked him out. But he got back up and is just getting started.

The last thing I heard Woolbright say was, “I have just begun to fight for this community.”

That is the type of strength and courage that I want to see working for me.  He has never said an angry word about his opponents; he simply gets stronger and wiser. This is a man that knows justice, seeks justice and brings the love of the law and truth to the community. As a judge, Woolbright simply has the strength to change the system for the better — the “corruption” watchdog. He has exposed the character of those that just sling mud. If we want justice, then we need to vote Woolbright.

Kathleen Hudson