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Acacia District City Council candidates — in their own words

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Brittany Burback

Peoria is an amazing city. I loved growing up here with my siblings and have now chosen to raise my two children in Peoria. Since my childhood, Peoria has rapidly expanded, and the growth is bringing unwelcome changes.

Several Old Town Peoria historic buildings have been torn down. Others are slated for demolition. It is important for Peoria to embrace our rich history, incorporating the historic buildings and sites into the growth instead of erasing them completely.

I am running for Peoria City Council to help change the trajectory, especially the Acacia District. There are opportunities for growth that preserve our history and culture. However, there must be a catalyst that brings the right people together that removes barriers for new businesses. I will work hard for our community, seek to breathe new life into Old Town Peoria, and restore businesses that have called Old Town Peoria and the Acacia District home for decades.

I, and other Acacia District residents, have long felt our voices are not heard by our elected officials. Finding out information about our district has proven to be difficult. I will represent all of the people of the Acacia District, not just a select few. I will work to provide clear, accessible communication to every constituent. Community input should drive our elected leaders’ agendas — not their special agendas driving us.

In my career, I have managed very large international multimillion dollar projects where keeping the big picture in mind allowed for more efficient and effective micro project planning. As Peoria continues to evolve and grow, we need to formulate a comprehensive plan that ensures public services and infrastructure keep up with the growth.

I am fully invested in making a better Peoria for my family, and yours. Pease cast your vote for Brittany Burback on Aug. 28.

Jason Dragon

The city of Peoria is growing quickly, and the decisions that we make today will be felt for generations to come. We need to guide development to make the city into the place we want it to be tomorrow.

I am Jason Dragon, and I am running for City Council. I am a proud husband, and a father of three great boys. I am the owner of Emerald Computers and Arizona Computer Recycling, and I am also a Realtor. I want to be the next councilperson from the Acacia District. I am the candidate who offers optimism and the entrepreneurial spirit to the city. I see things the way they can be, and I strive to obtain the benefits of those positive and creative changes.

I see Peoria as a place full of potential; it is good now but can be really great if the right decisions are put in place. We need to fix downtown once and for all and revitalize it like Phoenix, Scottsdale and Glendale have done. We need to make it easier to start and grow a business in Peoria; small business owners are the heartbeat of any city, creating places to work, shop and live.

We need to spur interest in building denser housing in specific areas, the type of housing that most people under the age of 30 prefer to live in. We need to do all of this while preserving and celebrating our history and trimming the waste in the budget. 

All of this wraps into a philosophy that I call “Business Minded Leadership,” something that I will apply to my decisions on the council.

We need to take advantage of the assets we have to their fullest.

Visit to read more specific ways I will work to make our city great.

Vicki Hunt

Together, we are building an amazing community. We have worked hard to revitalize our Old Town and improve public safety. We have also made great strides in building a unique arts district and enhancing our neighborhoods. We have accomplished a lot, but there is still more to be done. That is why I am running for re-election.

I am a strong supporter of public safety and am proud to be endorsed by both police and fire. We have increased and improved fire-medical services in south Peoria. We established Peoria’s fire-medical ambulance service and helped launch the community paramedicine program to ensure that our first responders can be there when you need them.

I am happy to report that we are also facing a downward trend in crime in Acacia. This has been accomplished through increasing police support, cracking down on graffiti and ridding downtown of dangerous structures.

One of my greatest passions continues to be Old Town. I have been a resident of Old Town for more than 22 years and am one of the biggest champions for its revitalization. We have made tremendous strides to improve the community from new housing developments such as The Bungalows on Olive and Central Park as well as successful efforts to support redevelopment, such as Lucidi Distilling Co. and Driftwood Coffee.

I support adaptive reuse of old buildings and have welcomed State Trailer and Final Clearance across Grand Avenue. I have also been leading efforts to establish an arts district that will make our area a unique destination — unlike anywhere else in the West Valley.

I am proud to be a part of a council that has helped Peoria earn recognition as one of America’s 50 Best Cities in Which to Live. I would be honored to have your vote next August.