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Local elections impact daily lives

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What should we look for in local candidates running for elected office? These individuals represent us and make a statement about our community. Are the “big” elections important? Of course, and much attention and money is spent. The local elections are where our choice can really impact us on a daily basis.

With all the information spread about the local Arrowhead Justice of the Peace campaign, here is what I can offer. Many community leaders support and endorse Judge Craig Wismer. Local residents respect and endorse Wismer. His reputation is comprised of professionalism and focus on the betterment of the community. Are a few people upset at the outcome of a case? Of course, and this is to be expected. A judge is a trier of fact, so unless parties mediate or mutually resolve disputes, one side will prevail. Just as we elect members of the Arizona Legislature to draft legislation that we must follow, the judge must follow the laws as well.

All in all, most of us will never be involved in lawsuits that reach the United State Supreme Court. A few us may end up in the higher Arizona State Courts. More may encounter the Arizona Superior Court. The greatest chance is that we appear before the justice courts for the normal everyday issues — speeding, landlord tenant issues, and Small Claims matters. We need Judge Craig Wismer to remain on the bench. Judge Wismer has the perfect judicial temperament, is committed to impartiality and is a skilled communicator.  In addition, unlike his opponent, the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct has never sanctioned Judge Wismer.

Craig Wismer has proven himself to be a respected, effective justice of the peace and has earned and retained the trust of the community and his colleagues. Please visit his website, which is, and join me in voting to re-elect Judge Craig Wismer as the Arrowhead Justice of the Peace.

Dina Mathias