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Governor should vote against SB 1448


While you were sleeping, our legislators passed a bill with far-reaching effects statewide. I’m referring to SB 1448, which strips away the rights of the people to file a nuisance lawsuit against huge agricultural operations.  

I’m not talking about a frivolous lawsuit. I’m talking about your rights to file for damages because of the effects on your health, the inability to enjoy your property because of toxic air, obnoxious odors, manure runoff onto your property or contamination to your water supply. There are right-to-farm laws to protect the farmers, but there are no right-to-harm laws to protect the citizens.

This bill will severely restrict your financial ability to recover damages caused by huge animal operations, even if the nuisance is so severe that you must move from your home and find other comparable housing. You may be taking a financial loss that you could not afford!

A lawsuit could not even be filed unless the ag operation had already been criminally convicted by a state or federal agency. And it would severely limit the possibility of our local cities being able to declare a nuisance against an ag operation.

This bill went to the governor’s desk on April 7 for his yea or nay vote. Please call his office at 602-542-4331 and ask him to vote against SB 1448.

Linda Butler


Vaccines do not

ease writer’s stress


The pandemic has been challenging for many Arizonans, especially those with a pre-existing health condition. I suffer from an autoimmune deficiency, which means I’m at high risk for developing severe complications from the coronavirus. I’ve been anxious for almost a year now, afraid that I would accidentally come into contact with the virus and it could decimate my immune system.

Luckily, the end to our global health crisis is near. Thanks to the hard work of pharmaceutical manufacturers, we now have three COVID-19 vaccines, with more in the pipeline. I am so relieved that soon we will all be fully protected from the virus and the fear of this pandemic could be behind us. 

However, even with the vaccine, I still won’t be completely healthy. Sure, I’m young, but because there’s no cure for my autoimmune deficiency, I’ll be living with this disease for the rest of my life. 

To ensure that patients like me have a chance to lead full, healthy lives, we need elected officials to prioritize cures and treatments. 

I work in local politics, because I believe in the power of government. Political leaders are meant to advocate for their constituents, and as a voter, I plan to continue to uplift our community’s voice to our representatives’ ears. They must keep supporting biopharmaceutical innovation at the forefront of this year’s legislative agenda, especially because their efforts are saving us all from a deadly virus.  

Amber Rivera

Vaccines are safe

and effective


On March 4, 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave his first inaugural address. He said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself; nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror.” His comments are valid today.

The COVID-19 pandemic struck a year ago with devastating force around the world. The only prevention was social distancing, masks and hand washing. In a medical success, vaccines were developed in an amazingly short time and are being administered in record numbers in the United States. The vaccines are safe and effective.

As rapidly, or more rapidly, than the vaccine development was the spread of conspiracy theories, pseudoscience and blatant lies. The vaccines do not cause infertility and miscarriage. You cannot get COVID-19 from the vaccine. You will not get a microchip implanted in your arm when you get The Shot. Hank Aaron did not die from a reaction from The Shot. There are no safe and inexpensive off-the-shelf drugs that cure COVID-19. 

You should not trust the disinformation being spread by Russia on the web. I hope I’ve made my point without giving more examples of the conspiracy theories, pseudoscience and blatant lies populating the web.

There will be side effects. That is a known fact about any medicine or medical procedure. If aspirin was coming on the market today it would have a hard time being approved because of many side effects. When the benefit far outweighs the risk, go with the benefit. 

Take The Shot. It is safe and effective. 

Dr. Leonard Kirschner, MPH

Litchfield Park