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As soon as winner declared, it starts all over again

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Well, here we are, the morning after the special Congressional District 8 primary election. The Big Two have selected their candidates and now, it comes to the big finale April 24. Then, the campaigns start all over again. Before you know it, the primary election in August will pit the same candidates against each other all over again.

Don’t you love it? Of course, without all of this hullabaloo, we would be like many other countries, who have leaders who are not elected, who gain power through violence.

So, I guess we are pretty lucky when you stop and think about it. But, see, that’s the hard part - thinking about it.

For many of us in the news business, this particular election has been a rough one, considering the number of candidates in the Republican party vying for that one seat in the House. We’ve never seen so many candidates running in a congressional race. But, maybe that’s the way elections should be - crowded with newcomers who don’t carry so much political baggage.

The sad part about our election process is that there is not enough time between elections for voters to catch their breath. Even with the next presidential election in 2020, campaigns have begun already - all over again.