Long lines at polling places impressive

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Voters stand in line for hours

A drive to Peoria for Mayor Cathy Carlat’s State of the City address was uneventful. Her address was inspiring, and those who attended were impressed with the mayor’s passion for improving the lives of Peoria citizens.

It was the drive back to the newspaper office that made an impression on me; one positive, one negative. Thinking it would be a good time to stop by the polling place at 9000 W. Olive Ave., in a church just east of 91st Avenue, I innocently drove west from 83rd Avenue.

I even called my publisher to inform him how soon I would return to my desk. A few minutes later, I had to call him again to report on what I had just seen outside that church.

On the sidewalk, there were about 50 people standing in line. In front of that line was an even longer line on the other side of the bushes along the sidewalk. Connected to the second line was a third line heading north to the front of the church. From there, another line led to the church entrance. It was both frightening and exhilarating.

What happened next is something I never thought I would not do: I didn’t vote. For the first time in my adult life, I did not vote in an election. I could not find a place to park at the church. And, I decided it would not be wise for me to stand in line for two or three hours. I am not a young chick anymore. I have come to realize that personally going to the polls is not feasible for me. I am now going to request a mail ballot.

Congratulations to those who stood in line. You get my vote.