America's border

It wasn’t exactly “small potatoes.” That was just part of it. It was small potatoes, diseased potatoes and, in some areas, no potatoes — all combined in the Great Irish Potato Famine, which was the scourge of the Emerald Isle from the mid to late 1840s.

Also known as the Great Hunger, close to a million Irishmen died, and over a million fled the country. In fact, in the 10 years from 1845 to 1855, more than 2 million people left Ireland. Many of them emigrated to the United States — including the ancestors of the current occupant of the White House.

Undoubtedly, Joe Biden has the gift of blarney; he also has the curse of advancing age and retreating cognition. Whatever his intellectual challenges, a half-century on Washington’s political stage has endowed him with a reflexive muscle memory. That comes in handy when he slings rhetorical mud — and worse — at his opponents, but also in his single-minded quest for greater power.

One area where Joe and the rest of the Biden Bunch remain resolute can be found on our southern border… at least what’s left of it. The erasure of our national boundary, the erosion of our national sovereignty, and the eventual extinction of our nation itself appear within the grasp of this administration.

Ironically, one sign of Ol’ Joe’s perverse “progress” invokes the image of his ancestral home. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) points out that during the first 18 months of Biden’s time in the White House, over 4.9 million illegal aliens have entered our country. That’s equivalent to the current population of Ireland!

There’s only one word for it: invasion.

That’s what National Public Radio — yes, you read that right, NPR — discovered in a recent poll.

Much to its collective editorial and administrative chagrin, the leftist radio “service” financed in part with the tax dollars of “nonlisteners like you,” found that a clear majority of 54% of Americans believe the border crisis is, in fact, an invasion.

True to its “open borders ideology,” NPR sought to minimize the impact of the findings, and disparage the use of the term, claiming that “immigrant advocates say the word has a long history in white nationalist circles.”

Then, for good measure, NPR allowed those same so-called “immigrant advocates” to demonize the legitimate concerns of American citizens, warning “that such extreme rhetoric could provoke more violence against immigrants.”

Setting aside the routine “assault by euphemism” on the English language, describing the law-breaking border crossers by the legal term “immigrants,” it’s fair to question NPR’s insistence on framing this through the dubious premise that using the word “invasion” will somehow inspire violence against illegals.

What of the violence committed by illegals against law-abiding Americans?

Is that underreported or, worse, routinely omitted from NPR’s coverage?

What cannot be omitted from the results of the NPR/Ipsos poll, conducted in late July with a sample of 1,116 adults, is the fact that 40% of self-identified Democrats — a sizable amount — agree with the 76% of Republican respondents about the border situation being best described as an “invasion.”

And independents, long regarded as swing voters, are fast approaching the “tipping point.” Forty-six percent of respondents with no party preference likewise believe the term “invasion” offers an apt description.

As our nation approaches the November midterms, one clear reality emerges. You need not live in a border state to find that Joe Biden’s approach to illegal immigration borders on insanity.

Illegal immigrants from 200 countries from Mauritania to Mexico, Ethiopia to Ireland are pouring into America.

And given the current situation, no thinking American would describe border issues as “small potatoes.” PT