Free market best for healthcare

Dear Editor:

A recent letter to the editor oversimplified the problems with our healthcare system. 

According to polls, 80% of Americans rate the quality of their health care as excellent or good. Allowing the government to get more involved in health care—whether it is through Medicare for All, Medicare buy-in, or the public option—won’t do anything to increase quality or access to doctors. 

In fact, it could do just the opposite. It could lead to fewer doctors and nurses because they simply wouldn’t be entering the workforce, leading to a nationwide loss of nearly tens of thousands of physicians and a million or so nurses in the next few decades. 

Worsening a doctor shortage that already threatens many communities hardly seems like a good way to improve health care. Instead of forcing everyone into a one-size-fits-all system that actually works for none, policymakers should focus on actually strengthening our current healthcare system to ensure more people get insured.

The best way to do that is by encouraging competition in the free market, not limiting it.


Maria Solares