How is your year shaping up? With so much tension swirling around in the world, mental health experts claim that people often get into a “February funk.”

Evidently, one way out of it as we head into March is to set new goals. Let the world (and its problems) keep spinning. Just do something for yourself. Hmm… after careful consideration I thought I might buy a new pair of shoes for spring.

Yes, I went shopping with a girlfriend and almost bought a pair of red dress shoes with a half-inch heel and she talked me out of them. She said when a woman stops wearing high heels “the end is near.” I say that is hogwash and ridiculous. I did call my 90-year-old aunt to get her opinion about high heels.

She got quiet for a moment and then said, “Well, there are certain occasions where heels are essential.” She went on to ask, “If you are going to be dressed up, what other shoes could you wear?” I have asked several colleagues, my two daughters and girlfriends, and they are all of the opinion that “high heels are important.”

My husband, Doug, was working in the garage and I asked him if he thinks I should wear high heels more often. He winked at me. Hey Doug, I was just seeking an opinion. He laughed and said, “I love heels.” I then asked my girlfriend, who is an attorney, about high heels and she said, “Absolutely essential to wear.” She went on to say that she would “never win a trial in flats” and that people expect to see a confident woman in court. And high heels, evidently, scream out “confidence.”

Objection! Am I to believe that a shoe can make a difference in a woman’s confidence? I went to my female physician and asked her opinion of high heels. She said that women who wear them all day long are “punishing their feet and causing bunions, ingrown nails, poor posture, nerve and tendon damage.”

The American Osteopathic Association claims that a third of women who wear high heels have tripped and fallen in them. My point exactly. Shoes can be dangerous!

The average American woman has over 30 pairs of shoes in her closet. So, I guess if “clothes make the man,” then “shoes make the woman.” A fashion editor came out saying that women are “crazy about shoes” because the size doesn’t change, it is easy to update an outfit with a shoe and not “horrifying” like trying on a pair of jeans and standing in front of a three-way mirror.

One designer claims, “Shoes make women happy.” Evidently women are head over heels in love with their footwear. Shoes resulting in happiness? High heels creating confidence? I won’t “buy in” to this nonsense.

I have more to say on this topic. But there is a shoe sale at Dillard’s, and obviously more research must be conducted, and perhaps a little “sole searching.” If I look slightly taller next time you see me, you will know what happened.