There are times in the news business when you think the bad news will never end. There are periods of weeks and months when it seems there’s no good news left in the world.

Your neighborhood has seen burglaries and vandalism increase. You just learned a paroled child molester is now living three blocks away. Now, your city council has notified all of its residents there are rate increases for water and wastewater. And overnight, your favorite gas station’s prices went up 11 cents per gallon.

Not to be outdone, the utility company is telling you your “budget” payment per month is going to go up because their rates have been approved and you must now pay for that increase.

To top it off, for the past two months, you have been to the auto repair shop three times for different deficiencies. And just two days ago, you realized your car air conditioning unit, although filled to the brim with Freon, no longer blows that cool breeze with the same amount of power. That’s $500 by your mechanic’s estimate. That’s over your budget, by your bank account balance.

So, what could possibly cause you to believe that good news is just around the corner?

Well, for one, you’re still breathing, aren’t you?

For many people, that’s an effort in itself. For most, it is taken for granted that breathing will continue indefinitely.

Still, there are others who want more breathing room.

And, then there are those eternal optimists who are willing to give their dying breath to save yours.

There are your sisters, who want to remind you that they love you in spite of your snide remarks to them about always being the baby, and no matter how old you get, they will always be older than you are. They send you reminders of just how old you are to bring you down a peg or two.

That’s how I began this ridiculous journey. I wanted to let you know there is good news out there. The sun came up today. There were signs it would be warmer than usual today. There were also signs your son was feeling OK because he called you to tell you how much he loved you.

You plucked two or three figs off the tree out front that you have determined is struggling to stay alive, but probably won’t make it through this daggum heat wave. But even that fig tree has a positive attitude. It lifted its huge leaves momentarily as you stole its fruit. A good sign, you’re thinking.

It’s all good. We have lots of business activity in Peoria that many residents do not realize is taking place. But, if you just take the time to look around, wave at your neighbor across the street (or the field, as the case may be), give the police officer a friendly nod as he passes, and put that darned cell phone away while you’re driving, you may find there is lots of good news to make life better. All you have to do is wake up.

Next, you get up. And the good news is you are able to do that. Further, you find yourself scurrying down the hall for that first cup of coffee. Now, that’s good news. The timer worked.