The mudslinging has begun; it’s election year

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We’ve come to a point already in the Mesquite district council race, where candidates are either in the offensive or defensive mode.

Ben Toma is on the attack when it comes to Vice Mayor Bridget Binsbacher, who holds the Mesquite district council seat. One Toma supporter, in a letter to the editor in this issue, finds fault with Binsbacher for assuming another role at Peoria Diamond Club after resigning in December as the organization’s executive director.

Binsbacher’s response was her position there is not taxpayer-funded, and her role and salary were reduced significantly when she resigned as executive director in December and assumed the role of finance director. She said out of respect for the organization, she would not disclose that information.

Binsbacher is correct; her position at PDC is not taxpayer-funded.

Both candidates were sent a list of questions by email. To their credit, both responded, but questions remain about their answers.

Toma, who said a number of police officers have left for other cities, told us to call the director of the Peoria Police Officers Association to learn the exact numbers of officers leaving Peoria.

Police Chief Roy Minter said the department is experiencing retirements and is hiring more officers to replace positions.

With voter mistrust of political candidates so prevalent today, it is difficult to find the path that leads to the truth. What is more stressful is when candidates make accusations without documents to back their claims. Unfortunate, but it is, after all, election time.