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Reason to vote


I’m writing to express why I am voting for Kathy Knecht this Nov. 3 for State House LD 21. Kathy is a leader and a fighter. More importantly, she is an educator who prioritizes people over politics

I graduated high school in a state in which one’s ZIP code had a disproportionate impact on one’s education. Depending on where you lived, some students would have access to advanced placement classes in science, math and English. Others did not even have the option to take a second math class. Education funding by ZIP code meant that richer students had more opportunities for classes, extracurriculars and programs to help us get to college.

Students from less-wealthy communities often had none of those experiences and opportunities. 

Arizona is my new home, and I want it to be a place in which every student has the same wealth of opportunities. Kathy’s leadership and service makes her the right woman to make this  a reality for our students and communities. She has a proven track record from her time teaching, 12 years on the Peoria Unified School board, and serving as president for the Arizona School Boards Association. 

She has already shown that she will fight for a quality education by joining a group taking legal action against Arizona for not meeting its obligation to support schools for our kids. With Kathy in the legislature, I believe every student will have the opportunity to thrive, and I ask you to join me in voting for her Nov. 3.

Ryan C. McMurry

Sun City