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Do you see it? It’s all around you. It’s here, there and everywhere. It’s shouting in the news. It’s screaming in the movies. Politics is polarized because of it. Corruption is rampant because of it. Technology can’t replace it. John Lennon wrote a song about it. Jesus noted that in the latt…

It has become fashionable among the intellectuals and bleeding hearts who work in newsrooms to rail against the death penalty. We must have compassion, they argue. Lethal injection is so barbaric, so cruel, so unusual, the process so rife with inexactitude and the possibility of human error.

It’s getting hot again, and intense heat is no stranger to Arizonans. Soon, temperatures will regularly reach the 100-degree mark, so it’s becoming increasingly more important for homeowners to ensure their HVAC units are prepared. Without a functional or efficient air-conditioning (A/C) uni…

What’s in your attic? Look carefully, dear readers, as a hidden treasure might be tucked inside an old box. Before you take all your old “junk” to the thrift store, you might want to check exactly what you have stashed away. Of course, most of us Arizonans don’t have attics, but we have gara…

Abrazo Health is proud to honor its nurses during National Nurses Week, an annual celebration that recognizes the critical role nurses perform in our hospitals and for our community.

With apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien, Phil Jackson rates as a real-life “Lord of the Rings” from his time as both a player and a coach in the NBA.

When the New York Times came to town to cover the Great Tamale War of 2023, you knew this was big-times news. Forget inflation, the Arizona housing supply crisis, the epic drought, or our rising rate of violent crime. The burning question du jour at the state Capitol?

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It is a weed. And it stinks. Invading our desert, yards and trails, like an army marching forward into every square inch of open space and snuffing out everything else. It boasts blooms that look like small yellow lollipops. It is called stinknet, or globe chamomile. It proves that sometimes…

When it comes to tipping, there seems to be two schools of thought: If back in the day you worked delivering newspapers or as a waiter, as I did for years, you tend to over-tip everyone.

Last week, I started a two-part series about grace. This article is the second installment of the series. We focused on two sentences in a statement by author Max Lucado. Here are the two sentences. “Those who scramble at quitting time get the same wage as those who beat the morning whistle.…

In a few days, I’ll mark 28 years since I packed up a 20-foot Ryder truck, inked a route that spanned 2,300 miles from New Jersey to Mesa, and began the three-day drive west. To say I’ve never looked back isn’t quite true. I sometimes wonder why I didn’t flee “back East” sooner.

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