Salad and Go’s Buffalo Chicken Salad

Salad and Go’s Buffalo Chicken Salad with all-natural ingredients and only 150 calories for $5.74.

Salad and Go offers the ease of fast food with the rarity of healthy options and is set to bring that unique combination to a new location in Peoria this summer.

“Through social media channels, we have heard from many fans asking to open more locations out West, and we are very glad to fulfill one of those requests,” said Salad and Go CEO Joel Chrisman. “We’re excited to share the love, Peoria.”

Chrisman said the company has been looking to open a location in the West Valley for a long time, and Salad and Go is excited to serve Peoria.

Salad and Go opened its first location in Gilbert in 2013 but has grown exponentially since then. In just eight years, Salad and Go has opened 30 locations, 29 in the Phoenix area and one in Plano, Texas.

“Salad and Go quickly expanded upon realizing the need for what the practical yet high-in-demand concept had to offer busy individuals looking for a healthy, convenient meal option,” Chrisman said.

The plans don’t stop at Peoria. Salad and Go is set to open nine other locations this spring and summer, including restaurants in Tuscon, Casa Grande, one additional store in Mesa, two additional stores in Phoenix and four in Texas. 

Chrisman credits his team’s hard work for being able to move forward with multiple projects at once. While other locations have not been released yet, Salad and Go plans to continue its expansion.

“We are continually looking to expand our mission to other areas,” Chrisman said. “At the beginning of this year, we announced the initiative to double our store count to 40 stores by the end of 2021. Our fantastic teams are working very hard to make our healthy, delicious food accessible and affordable to as many people and communities as possible.”

Besides providing healthy food options to these communities, Salad and Go gives back to these communities by partnering with organizations to fight hunger and homelessness. In Phoenix, Chrisman said Salad and Go donates 4,000 fresh salad every week through local partners. In Dallas, it partnered with the North Texas Food Bank and donated 2,000 salads in its first week in Plano.

At Salad and Go, all salads and wraps are $5.74 and include either chicken or organic tofu, with the option of adding shrimp for an extra charge. Salads come in a 48-ounce bowl and have all-natural ingredients, some of which are organically sourced, as well as a protein source.

For breakfast, Salad and Go offers five breakfast burritos, made with real eggs, an all-natural tortilla and housemade salsa for $2.99. Drinks include organic cold brew, housemade lemonades, organic iced teas and frozen strawberry lemonade, all for $1.