Scott Mahoney

Scott Mahoney

On its way to Peoria is what could be called a dinosaur-sized company.

Taronis Fuels, a global producer of renewable and socially responsible fuel products, said it is ready to do business here.

A corporate headquarters and advanced manufacturing operations will create up to 500 new jobs, the city said.

Among its technologies, Taronis Fuels has a system to turn solid waste and liquid waste “into a sustainable, green metal-cutting gas. Adoption of such unique gases is growing in major industries ranging from construction and demolition to metal fabrication and first responders for emergency extraction situations,” according to the company’s website.

Taronis Fuels “accelerated the timeline to move forward with the new manufacturing facility based on recent positive events.”

“The city of Peoria is thrilled to welcome Taronis Fuels to our community,” said Mayor Cathy Carlat. “As a cutting-edge company that offers smarter technology solutions and head of household jobs, their advanced technologies are the perfect complement to the Peoria workforce.”

Approximately 50-75 jobs will be at the corporate headquarters, located near 83rd Avenue and Happy Valley Road. Upward of 400 additional jobs will be at its advanced manufacturing site, located near 89th Avenue and Cactus Road.

“After careful due diligence in our site selection process, we are pleased to select the city of Peoria as our home for both our headquarters and our advanced manufacturing,” said Scott Mahoney, CEO of Taronis Fuels. 

“A number of factors went into our decision, including Peoria’s pro-business culture, high quality of life, and strong workforce. But one aspect that really stood out was the customer service and programs that were brought to us by Peoria’s Economic Development Services Department as well as their partnership with the Arizona Commerce Authority,” Mahoney said. 

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We have a winner in the Stadium Point derby...

At its June 16 meeting, Peoria City Council was to be presented with a memorandum of understanding with American Life “to fund, design, construct and operate Stadium Point.”

Stadium Point, on 17 acres next to Peoria Sports Complex, is to have a hotel, homes, offices, retail, dining and entertainment.

The developer beat out dozens who submitted proposals at the end of 2019 and was selected by Peoria as the “master developer” in March.

American Life has developed hotels and offices in Seattle, where it is headquartered, and Los Angeles.

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