Stadium Point city of Peoria

The city of Peoria is looking for proposal to expand P83 with a major multi-use project called Stadium Point. 

There will be new places to shop, eat, drink, perhaps even to be entertained.

There will be a new hotel for family and visitors.

And new neighbors moving into the neighborhood...

But don’t get too excited, just yet. The biggest Peoria project of 2020 may also be the biggest of 2021, 2022, 2023 ….

Though Stadium Point is moving slowly from “big idea” phase, it has a long way to go before this major expansion in P83 becomes a reality. 

The design phase is expected to take a year. While some parts of the project will be ready within two years, the entire deal will take up to five years.

The request for proposals (RFP) was issued Oct. 30. 

Rather than a “help wanted” ad, the RFP was more of a “developer wanted” pitch. And that developer would need some deep pockets:

“The city of Peoria, Arizona, is seeking proposals for a master developer to fund, design, construct, and operate a vertical mixed-use project of approximately 1 million square feet of Class A office, full-service hotel, parking, multifamily residential, public space, signature retail, dining and entertainment on 17 acres of city-owned land known as Stadium Point.”

A “pre-proposal” meeting was held Nov. 21. Interested developers attened in person and via the web. Rick Buss, director of Peoria’s Economic Development Services, and Katie Gregory, deputy city manager, led the meeting.

This is a crucial month for the multi-million dollar project, as proposals are due Jan. 22.

Finalists will be notified Feb. 10, with interviews taking another few weeks.

The winning proposal will be named March 9. Peoria City Council will be asked to sign off on the selection, likely at a May council meeting.

Indeed, the RFP spins Stadium Point back to Peoria’s elected officials:

“A primary objective of this project is to achieve a council goal to create an economic generator, create high-wage jobs and to activate an important revenue generating-area of the city.

“Proposals are being sought from fully assembled development teams that have both the development experience and financial ability to execute immediately.”

Whereas developers who purchase private land often have to jump through zoning and planning hoops, whoever leads Stadium Pointe likely would have a somewhat expedited process, considering the city is the driver. 

“The Stadium Point project is a premier ‘shovel ready,’ 17-acre, city-owned site,” said the RFP.

 The proposal goes pretty big, calling Stadium Point “a ‘game-changer’ for the city of Peoria and the entire region.”

   Buss emphasized this at the Nov. 21 meeting.  

“We are building a city of distinction, so keep that in front of your minds,” Buss told developers. “We’re looking for things that set us apart. 

“Quite frankly we don’t want the same old, same old.”

In answer to a question, Buss noted there is no preconceived theme or motif for the project. 

“One of the reasons the went to RFP on this is we want your ideas and thoughts and expertise,” Buss stressed. “We are building a city of distinction, so keep that in mind.”

Developers, start your proposals … and let the most “game-changing” design win.