Mayor Cathy Carlat

Mayor Cathy Carlat, with her granddaughter, demonstrates proper use of a mask.

In response to the rising case of COVID-19 cases, Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat issued an emergency proclamation requiring people to cover their nose and mouth when in public areas where social distancing is not possible.

The mask proclamation started June 22.

On its website, the city stressed there are exceptions and answered some common questions.

Masks are not required by those who are unable to tolerate a facial covering, for those with religious beliefs that prevent them from doing so, or for those who are unable to remove a facial covering without assistance.

Other exceptions include:

Exercising indoors and outdoors while distancing.

Consuming food or drink at a restaurant.

Swimming at city pools.

Playing team sports.

Children 6 years old and younger.

Masks, made of cloth or other permeable material, should be worn over the mouth and nose by employees and patrons at all places of business that interact with the public when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

Visitors to city buildings and facilities must wear facial coverings.

Frequently asked questions about face masks and the city’s responses:


When are face coverings required?

Face coverings are required while outside of a person’s residence or personal vehicle in public settings within the city of Peoria, when 6 feet of separation is difficult to maintain from persons not in your immediate household.


Do people have to wear face coverings at the gym?

Face coverings are not required during physical exercise unless social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. 


Do I have to wear the face covering if I have had COVID-19 and I am recovering?

Yes. This order applies to everyone within Peoria. The CDC encourages preventative actions from everyone, even if one has had the virus and recovered. 


Do I have to wear the mask when I am in a vehicle with my family?

No, face masks are not required when in a personal vehicle. 


How should businesses enforce mask wearing with customers?

Peoria’s proclamation supports Gov. Doug Ducey’s existing executive orders and directives to businesses but does not change or increase any of the previous guidelines given to businesses. Pursuant to these executive orders, businesses shall enforce these guidelines and may ask any person failing to comply to leave their premises. Violations of the executive orders or Peoria’s proclamation may be shared with our COVID-19 Help Hotline at 623-773-7770. 

If customers are not wearing their masks within a public setting where a physical distance of 6 feet of more is difficult to maintain, the business should ask the customer to comply. If they do not comply by putting their mask on, the business should ask them to leave. 

If the customer still does not comply, the business may call the nonemergency police line at 623-773-8311 for assistance.