Cool Girl Earrings

Hailea Vargas launched Cool Girl Earrings in August. 

Cool Girl Earrings originally was a quarantine hobby, but now is a Peoria- based small business that sells handmade and custom earrings.  

Hailea Vargas, the creator of Cool Girl Earrings, was given supplies to make earrings for herself as a gift for her birthday this year. 

Vargas, who is 20 and a Grand Canyon University student, took ceramics in Centennial High School and “always wanted” to make earrings but had doubts if her product would be desired. With the encouragement of her girlfriend, Vargas decided to see if people would be interested in buying her handmade earrings. 

“I really want to make them, but I don’t think I’ll be good, or anybody would want them,” Hailea Vargas said. “And then my girlfriend was like, ‘well, why don’t you just try it and see if anybody wants to buy it. I mean the least they can do is say no,’ and I was like, you’re right.”  

After posting on her personal Instagram to see if anyone would be interested in buying earrings and receiving positive feedback, she decided to start Cool Girl Earrings. 

Vargas listed her first series of Cool Girl Earrings on Instagram in August. Each of her earrings sell for $15-30 and custom earrings for $30-35. Shipping is included in the price of all the earrings, Vargas said. 

“I hope to improve even more through the next upcoming year to the point of being able to do this full time,” Vargas wrote. “I would love to be able to have this as a full-time job and spend my time and days doing this because this is what I love.”  

Making Cool Girl Earrings stand out by being “personable” is one of the ways Vargas said she sets herself apart from other jewelry businesses.  

Her customers recognize the work that goes into the products she makes. Jenna Davis has purchased earrings from Cool Girls Earrings several times. “They are absolutely worth every penny,” Davis wrote. 

Getting a unique pair of earrings is something that Cool Girl Earrings is known for by her customers. Each pair of earrings are “unique, stylish, trendy and the quality is perfect,” Davis wrote. 

“Hailea makes each order personalized for you,” Davis wrote. “The packaging is adorable without there being too much waste, shipping is fast, and she is always grateful for any support she receives.” 

Being a small business, Cool Girl Earrings is able to provide personalized products with care and attention that is noticed by customers like Bailee Sargent. 

“Everything is made and packaged with love,” Bailee Sargent wrote. “That is not something you get when you buy a pair of earrings from the retailers in the mall.” 

Sargent appreciated that Hailea Vargas writes thank you notes for each customer, even if it is not their first time ordering from Cool Girl Earrings. Adding in another pair of earrings for returning customers is another part of how Vargas runs her business, Sargent said. 

Cool Girl Earrings on Instagram as @coolgirlearrings, is where Vargas posts photos that her customers send her after receiving their products. This is one of the most rewarding parts of being a small business owner, Vargas said. 

“I think it’s the coolest thing ever and I still get so excited about it,” Vargas said. “I’m always like, ‘oh my gosh, she’s wearing my earrings. That’s so cool!” 

Now, Vargas wants to expand her business to become her full-time job. Currently, Vargas is running Cool Girl Earrings and working another job, while going to school. 

Her business has brought in $4,000 since beginning in August, Vargas said she is on track to make $5,000 by the end of the year. She said she wants to be able to improve to the point of having Cool Girl Earrings her job in the upcoming year. 

“I think that is probably my biggest goal is to be more widely known by people, other than just people in Arizona or people from a couple other states,” Vargas said. “That would be super cool. Just to be able to advance and get better and having really cool collections.”