Sandy and David George

Sandy and David George cut a ceremonial ribbon surrounded by the Peoria Chamber of Commerce 

Exactly six years after Sandy and David George opened Every Doggie has its DayCare, the husband and wife paired with the Peoria Chamber of Commerce on March 10 to cut a ceremonial ribbon and celebrate their successes. The canine daycare and boarding business is at 19209 N. 83rd Avenue, Suite 106, Peoria.

The George family moved to Arizona after David was laid off from a corporate job outside the state. They spent time volunteering with animal shelters, then figured they would make a career out caring for animals.

After settling in Peoria, the business started changing on its first day.

“At the beginning, we thought it was just going to be a daycare, and our first customer asked if we did boarding. We just kind of said yes, and had suites built the next day,” David said.

Every Doggie has its DayCare started with just 12 suites. Then, when a gym next door closed, the George family bought the space and more than tripled the size to 38 stalls.

There are two sides, with big and small dogs on separate sides. The dogs each get individual feeding and spend nearly the entire day in free playtime with dogs their same size and temperament. The consistency and care the dogs receive is what the family hangs its hat on.

“The first dog that ever came in still comes back. We call her No. 1,” Sandy said. “But with the people we have met and come back so often, we start to feel like a family.”

It is this family aspect and trust that keeps people returning to the daycare center.

“I was out of the area because I had a sick family member,” said Diane Snyder, a regular customer. “And at the last second, I had to change my plans and extend the time my dog was here.

“They were great about it. I know what they’re doing, and I know it’s always going to be easy.”

Having grown from just the husband and wife on staff to now several others on the payroll, the Georges said they still try to keep the same family atmosphere and customer service Peoria has become accustomed to.

Now with six years under their belt, and a community seeming to appreciate their work, the family is ready for more.

“We’ve got so many memories here,” David George said. “It’s just been so rewarding.”

For more information visit or call 623-308-4364.