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“a 10-year Transit Master Plan for the City of Peoria identifies and addresses important transit issues, both current and projected for the future.”

The Joint Chiropractic at Arrowhead Towne Center is celebrating a grand reopening under new ownership, with a fully remodeled clinic at 7369 W. Bell Road, in the Arrowhead Palms Shopping Center.

New patients receive their initial visit for $29, which includes the consultation, exam and adjustment.

•Fueled by on-and-off China trade talks and impeachment news, the stock market was on a rollercoaster in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The city of Peoria’s investments avoids such volatility. As such, the city earned a modest 2.03% on its $364 million investment portfolio in the fourth  quarter.

According to an investment report provided to council by Sonia Andrews, Peoria’s chief financial officer, investment income was just over $1.8 million.

In the report’s “Portfolio Strategy” section, it looks like more conservativism: 

− Following three consecutive Fed rate cuts, we continued to maintain portfolio durations in line with benchmarks for the quarter as market expectations called for stable rates well into 2020.

−Maintained broad diversification across all permitted fixed income sectors. Although most sector spread levels were on the tighter end of their recent trading history, the incremental income was generally additive to performance in a range-bound interest rate environment in Q4.

− Sector allocation favors broad diversification, generally including the widest range of permitted investments.

− Short-term investors found opportunities from wider spreads in money market credit investments (commercial paper and negotiable bank CDs). Increased allocations to these sectors at attractive levels, helped cushion the impact of the Fed’s lower overnight target rate.

•Some people actually enjoy sitting in traffic.

The rest of us, not so much…

As such, the city of Peoria put out a request for proposals “a 10-year Transit Master Plan for the City of Peoria identifies and addresses important transit issues, both current and projected for the future.”

The proposal period, which was extended, ended Jan. 14.

A question-and-answer document stated residents’ feedback is crucial.

 “Public input can be a costly component. We will want a good amount of involvement but the city has many ways to reach our residents. Our expectation is the consultant will develop the public input plan and work with the city to get feedback.”

A question was submitted wondering what Peoria thinks of “microtransit” and electronic scooters.

Answer: “The city did a pilot program with Bird scooters but it did not materialize. Given the right conditions, microtransit may be favorable in Peoria.”

•Peoria received four proposals for the massive Stadium Point project, according to Christine Finney of the city.

Next step on the hotel-retail-residential-restaurant project at P83?

“By Monday, Feb. 10, we hope to have our review of written proposals complete,” Finney said.

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