Tim Moore Beekeeping

Tim Moore doesn’t just produce and sell honey, he teaches beekeeping classes in Peoria.

Honey Hive Farms is creating a buzz with its honey exchange. 

Owner Tim Moore, owner of the Peoria business, offers bulk honey, bee packages and equipment.

He sells his local honey Saturdays from 10 am. - 1 p.m. at his farm on 83rd and Thunderbird avenues. 

Moore recently offered people the option to trade in their store-bought honey for a new bottle of his locally made honey. Moore was eager to get out of his comfort zone and try something new with his business and feels like it paid off with the people that he met. 

“It was a good way to meet people in the neighborhood. I really liked seeing people come in,” Moore said. 

Moore’s nine-year-old son Alex loves “when customers come by to buy our honey and bring kids too.”

Moore hopes to do something like this again with a “zero waste” twist to it.  “I want to do another one where if you’ve bought honey with us before, then you can come fill your bottle back up yourself, we will weigh it and charge per ounce,” Moore said.

What started as a hobby for Moore in Missouri quickly turned into a business that brought him to Phoenix. He brought Honey Hive Farms to Peoria four years ago.

Honey Hive Farms thrived in the desert climate, as Missouri’s weather is a “dice roll” as Moore puts it.  Due to the warmer temperatures here, Moore has found success in harvesting honey almost all year long. 

Moore doesn’t stop at selling honey. He also offers beekeeping classes to help educate the community. 

“The beekeeping classes bring people together and educate them. That part is pretty cool because people have nowhere to go to learn these things in town, that I know of,” Moore said.

Moore’s wife Connie enjoys educating people and “seeing customers having fun going into the hive.”

Tracey Lugo of Raw Life Farms is a wholesale buyer who has worked with Moore and enjoys the uniqueness of the honey he makes. 

From local flavors like orange blossom to wildflower,  there is something for everyone at Honey Hive Farms.

“What sets his honey apart is it’s unpasteurized and unfiltered and its local to this area so it helps people who have allergies,” Lugo said. 

Lugo sells a variety of honey at her stand inside Arrowhead Mall. From CBD infused honey to honey that provides allergy relief, Lugo uses Moore’s honey because it is unique. 

“Tim has a distinctive taste to his honey that my customers love,” Lugo said.

The process of making honey is rather simple as Moore describes it. 

“Ultimately you just pull the honey out of the hives, you extract it and then you bottle it. It’s a lot of work but it’s a simple process,” Moore said. 

While the process sounds simple, the maintenance can be the challenging part. 

“The hard part is taking care of them. It’s like having 50 kids and we have 600 hives here,” Moore said.  

Not only does Moore have the challenge of taking care of the bees, but he also travels across the country shipping his products. 

“I drive 5,000 miles in five days by myself in eight states and meet 900 people with two different time changes and two different directions,” More said. 

Despite these challenges, he has found that the people he meets along the way are what keep him passionate about his business. 

“I meet the coolest people here,” Moore said, “I enjoy hearing their stories and learning from them.”

Honey Hives farm is at 14611 N. 83rd Avenue, Peoria. For more information, call 602-330-8468 or visit honeyhivefarms.com.