Super Bowl Host Committee hosts STEAM experience for kids

More than 1,000 kids participated in the immersive experience. (Super Bowl Host Committee/Submitted)

The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee recently partnered with Education Forward and Freeport-McMoRan to put on the 100 Yards of Education — a STEM Playbook for Youth event at State Farm Stadium.

This interactive experience held on Jan. 11 invited over 1,000 middle school kids to learn about the importance of education, through interactive booths and a keynote speech from Cardinals legend Larry Fitzgerald.

“There’s no better way to be able to spring springboards your way to success by educating yourself,” Fitzgerald said. “You have so many opportunities ahead of you. Essentially have control of your future, with how much you’re able to put in and learn and make yourself indispensable in the world with the knowledge that you’re able to acquire.”

Benefiting the STEAM community (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), this event was created to inspire young children to continue their respective educations. Jay Parry, president and CEO of the Super Bowl Host Committee; Tracy Bame, president and director of community development for Freeport-McMoRan; and Rich Nickel, president and CEO of Education Forward, also served as keynote speakers to offer thoughts on the importance of continuing education as a way for a brighter future.

“I encourage you to have fun, make the best of this day, and go back to school and your families thinking about how a STEM career might be in your future,” Nickel said.

“Today’s event is really about helping you understand we can do in the future and what path you need to pursue in order to achieve those opportunities,” Bame said. “So, we encourage you to have fun today and really think about what you want to do for yourself in the future.”

After hearing these words, the kids took to the park plaza outside the stadium, to which they were greeted with a plethora of interactive booths.

They were able to drive robots, see demonstrations of physics and other aspects of science, and many other fun ways to engage the kids about STEM.

For Fitzgerald, that is what matters most.

“So, I think it’s important to be able to impart that information to these young people and let them know that they’re cared and that people that are around them that really want to see them succeed at a at a high level,” he said.