Losing someone you love can cut into your heart so viciously it forever redefines who you are and how you think. It can strain against everything you’ve ever believed. So much so, you wonder how the promises that seemed so real on those thin Bible pages yesterday could possibly stand up under the weight of this enormous sadness today. Trying to explain this to your children can be difficult, especially at a time when you are suffering with your own grief.

The FROG program (Fully Relying on God) is a branch of Billy’s Place. Its primary focus is to help children rely on God and see others who are going through some of the same battles. At the same time, the parent/caregiver will receive support as well. If your child has had someone close to them die and they wonder about what role their faith can play in their grief journey, this six-week support group may be for them and you.

The program starts Aug. 24 at Copper Hills Church, 26716 N. High Desert Drive, Peoria.

Call Juli at 623-414-9838, or email info@billysplace.me for more information, or to sign up for this program. Signups are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.