Rev Karen Rice

The walking labyrinth is one of the oldest contemplative, transformative tools known to humankind. Used for centuries for prayer, ritual and personal growth, this ancient tool  has re-emerged as a modern spiritual tool, being used in churches of all denominations, in corporate settings, at hospitals, prisons and public parks.  

Modern research shows that moving in the pattern of the labyrinth galvanizes the human psyche toward unity and wholeness, creating more balance in everyday living.

A sacred labyrinth workshop will be held 9 a.m. to noon June 11 at West Valley Center for Spiritual Living, 9745 W. Peoria Ave., Peoria. Donations will be accepted.

Learn more of the history of the labyrinth, its sacred geometry, and the latest information on how it promotes good health. Time will be allotted to walk the indoor labyrinth.  

Facilitator for the workshop is Rev. Karen Rice. She was a member of the team that created the walking labyrinth in Covina, Calif., at the Sanctuary for Spiritual Living, and has led labyrinth  retreats, classes and workshops since 1996. She built her own rock labyrinth in her back yard after a year-long spiritual pilgrimage, walking labyrinths around the world.  

Call 623-972-3205 to learn more.