Burn Boot Camp exploring possible Peoria location

Burn Boot Camp’s corporate leaders are interested in expanding to Peoria.

Burn Boot Camp isn’t a standard box  gym.

Rather, the company plays host to “45-minute, high-intensity interval, boot camp-style workouts,” according to Zach Munroe, franchise sales manager.

Boasting 207 locations in 37 states, and counting, with more than 65,000 clients, according to its website, the company is looking to Peoria as one of its next target markets. The only West Valley location is in Surprise, at 12100 N. Dysart Road, Unit 111, at the southwest corner of Cactus and Dysart roads.

With a focus on empowering women, many of Burn Boot Camp’s “camps” are female exclusive, though coed sessions are also offered.

The purpose of the high-intensity interval training, Munroe explained, is to mix cardio with strength training, and in turn burn more calories for longer periods of time. According to Burn’s website, an average of 700 calories is burned per camp.

To eliminate redundancy, however, workouts have been designed to vary throughout each week. A Weekly Protocol is regularly uploaded to Burn Boot Camp’s app and on social media pages. The protocol incorporates various days, from leg workouts to strength training and core fitness, and seeks to avoid training the same muscle groups over consecutive days.

“We want to change it up, we want to make it fresh, new, so that no one gets accustomed to the routine,” Munroe explained.

Guests, Munroe said, will notice the gym’s “proprietary floating floor,” which he said is essentially just a modified gymnastics floor, of roughly 1,800 square feet, where workouts primarily take place. It provides a bit of a spring to reduce the impact on one’s knees.

“We can do more aggressive movements and ultimately achieve quicker results and get stronger, faster, leaner and all that kind of stuff,” he said.

Gyms also include standard rubber floors, and boast equipment such as pull-up rigs, jump ropes, punching bags, dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls.

“Every exercise that we’re going to program into a workout and a trainer is going to lead a camp through is going to have the ability to be modded up if somebody needs a little bit of extra push because they’re really in shape or modded down, so if they’re not so in shape, they can still do the exercise, just modded differently,” Munroe added.

Six-, 12- and 18-month memberships are available, all of which include unlimited workouts, access to all locations, complimentary childwatch and Focus Meetings. The latter are one-on-one sessions with head trainers to discuss subjects like nutrition, performance, lifestyle and weight loss.

“It helps the trainers to get to know a client more than just their first name and yelling at them while they’re working out. And then they actually know, ‘Hey, what motivates this person? Why are they here?’” Munroe explained.

The company offers various promotions. Fourteen-day trials are available, and free Saturday camps allow members to bring a friend along to test the experience. The latter is offered as one free coed session per Saturday, Munroe said.

And with the company hoping to spark an interest in a Peoria franchise, notable is the company’s Rapid Fat Loss Program, a grand opening promotion where anyone who signs up for a new gym before it opens its doors receives a free 30-day membership. During those first 30 days, those on trial can invite a friend to sign up for a 30-day, $30 discounted trial membership. Limited spots are available under the RFL program.

Founded by former San Francisco Giants player Devan Kline and his wife, Morgan, in 2012, Burn Boot Camp began franchising in 2015, after which it has seen its rapid expansion. Entrepreneurship Magazine named in one of the fastest-growing franchises last year.

Munroe attributes this success to the low cost of entry, a community atmosphere and passionate management.

“We really believe in what we’re doing. That resonates with everyone here at headquarters,” he said.

“We invite all candidates that are interested in opening a location to come to headquarters to meet us, to understand what we’re about, where we want to take the company, the vision that we have for the company, all that kind of stuff.

“I think the combination of the organic growth, just the culture that’s built inside the gyms, the culture that’s built at headquarters, and the overall (low cost) of entry makes it very appealing for some people to get involved with. And then overall, I mean, once you see a few lives changed inside a gym, it doesn’t take really much for somebody to say, ‘Wow, imagine how many people’s lives I could change in my community just by opening this.’”

For more information, visit burnbootcamp.com.