Deborah Lahman

Women in Business – Part 3

Each month, The Glendale Star and Peoria Times will run a series titled “Women in Business,” featuring a different West Valley entrepreneur. This month’s article features Deborah Lahman, founder of Living Well Now.

Deborah Lahman is passionate about supporting others to live a healthy lifestyle and to build a successful multi-generational business. During her 25 years as a school counselor, Lahman discovered the myriad of personal health benefits of Young Living essential oils, nutrition, beauty, and natural home products.

With her passion for mentoring, Lahman and her family founded Living Well Now in 2007 and have successfully cultivated a synergistic team of more than 11,000 members. She has discovered that health and business coaches help people live a healthy lifestyle and build successful businesses.

Lahman has combined the things she loves most — family, teaching, wellness — to create a successful business. She and her husband of 41-plus years love organizing and leading events and sharing their business with their family, friends, and community.

Lahman said, “Don’t create a legacy by accident. Know what matters. And in this business, family matters.”

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