Rep. Debbie Lesko, a longtime supporter of President Donald Trump, remains reluctant to acknowledge Joe Biden will be the next president—even after the Electoral College’s official vote Dec. 14.

Lesko, a Republican, was reelected in a landslide win. The Peoria resident  represents the 8th Congressional District, which includes Peoria and parts of Glendale and Litchfield Park.

The Peoria Times asked Lesko if she feels Biden should be inducted as the next president.

“Only when all legal cases are resolved and Congress certifies the votes of the Electoral College will we know for certain who is the next president of the United States,” said Lesko.

Congress is scheduled to certify the Electoral College results Jan. 6.

On Dec. 14, the Electoral College gave Biden 306 votes, topping Trump’s 232.

Lesko also joined a Texas lawsuit challenging the election results.

“I joined with many of my Republican colleagues to file an amici brief in this case. I was not a party to the case, but instead presented an extremely focused and limited question to the court about the meaning and importance of Art. II, Sec. 2, cl. 1, of the U.S. Constitution, the ‘Electors Clause.’ We asked the question not just for this election, but for elections to come, is it only the state legislatures that can set the rules for choosing electors in each state, as the Constitution clearly says, or is now acceptable for individual officials, state judges, and/or other private parties to do so? I felt this was an important question for the Court to consider as it reviewed the case,” Lesko said via a Dec. 14 email.

The Peoria Times asked Lesko how she felt about the Supreme Court rejecting the Texas challenge to the election results.

“For more than two centuries, the Constitution has been clearly interpreted to require that only state legislatures could set rules for choosing electors in each state. With this decision, the Court has opened the door for individual governors, secretaries of state, or other officials, state judges, and/or other private parties to unilaterally change the rules at will for any reason, without consequence,”  she said.

“This sets a dangerous precedent for the future of our nation.” 

On Nov. 3, 60% of the 8th Congressional District voters chose Lesko for reelection over Michael Muscato, the Democratic challenger.

Trump repeatedly criticized elections in Arizona and other states as “rigged.”

“Who is a worse governor, Brian Kemp of Georgia or Doug Ducey of Arizona?” Trump tweeted Dec. 12. “These are two RINO Republicans who fought against me and the Republican Party harder than any Democrat. 

“They allowed states that I won easily to be stolen.”

 The Peoria Times asked Lesko if she believes the Arizona election process was sound and fair.

“Arizona has long conducted safe, efficient elections. Since the 2020 election, I have supported President Trump’s legal efforts to ensure the sanctity of our elections and I will continue to do so until a decision has been reached in every case,” she said.

“Only two cases remain in Arizona, and I look forward to hearing from the court and if necessary, making changes to election processes that are determined inadequate and a threat to our democracy."