Arizona Motorcycle Safety

A $60,000 grant from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety will provide public motorcycle rider training classes at Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation.

The Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation was granted $60,000 from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (AZGOHS). 

The grant, which demonstrates support for AMSAF’s mission of expanding awareness about motorcyclists while reducing rider fatalities and injuries, will be used to provide motorcycle rider training classes to the public through a scholarship program.

“AMSAF is excited to continue giving out scholarships to help educate new and present riders,” said Mick Degn, AMSAF executive director. 

“We want to thank AZGOHS director Alberto Gutier for his continued support for motorcycle safety in Arizona. This continues to be the largest single activity we do to promote motorcycle safety and awareness and to help reduce motorcycle crashes and fatalities. This will allow anyone in the state of Arizona to apply for, and receive, motorcycle training. The cost is $100 nonrefundable copay. Because we started offering scholarships, AMSAF has provided more than 2,500 in Arizona to help educate riders.”

In addition to providing yet more scholarships, looking forward, AMSAF plans to:

•Develop unique partnerships with Arizona businesses to help reduce crashes and fatalities.

•Research and identify dangerous intersections and stretches of roadways where most motorcycle accidents occur.

•Increase participation in rider training through discount incentives

•Identify key industry liaisons that can help further the message and promote AMSAF’s efforts through activities, events and outreach opportunities.

A basic rider’s course can cost a motorcyclist in Arizona up to and more than $300; however, the AMSAF scholarship enables riders to obtain necessary safety training with a minimal out-of-pocket investment: a copay. Every Arizona motorcycle rider or potential rider is eligible to receive the AMSAF scholarship and can apply by visiting AMSAF online at:

Demonstrating the successful completion of a rider’s skill course, or passing the in-person skills test, is required to earn the motorcycle endorsement (M) on an Arizona state driver’s license. Many major insurance companies offer insurance policy discounts for riders who have completed a safety and training course.

The basic rider course (BRC) is a perfect fit for new riders seeking the motorcycle endorsement or for any rider who wants to freshen up their skills. This course is certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).

Arizona experiences more than 3,000 crashes a year involving motorcycles, and that number is on the rise. Promoting awareness of motorcycles on the road by drivers, in addition to safety training for riders, is a key way to reduce crashes that lead to serious injury and fatalities.

Founded in 2011, AMSAF is a nonprofit foundation that is focused on reducing motorcycle and distracted driver crashes in Arizona with awareness through education and training.