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"The city of Peoria recently received more than $300,000 in grants for bus stop improvements and police equipment."

The city of Peoria recently received more than $300,000 in grants for bus stop improvements and police equipment.

The largest of the recent grants is $260,000. It comes from the Regional Public Transportation Authority (RPTA) “for funding bus stop accessibility improvements.”

According to information from the Oct. 15 Peoria City Council agenda “As one of the city’s efforts to provide accessible and aesthetically pleasing bus stops for Peoria residents, the city of Peoria Transit Division has been working to program and plan for construction funds for bus stop improvements along 67th Avenue.”

The city applied for and received grant funding from the Achieving Transportation Accessibility Now (ATAN) program. The ATAN program provides funds to improve accessibility at transit stops and is disbursed through an agreement with the RPTA. 

This is the second ATAN grant received by the city. The first ATAN funds awarded were

used to improve bus stops along Peoria Avenue in 2018.

Grants for the Peoria Police Department include a $25,719 Department of Justice, Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG).

“This JAG funding will be utilized to purchase armored shields to assist officers in safely resolving calls for service involving weapons,” according to council agenda information.

The JAG program requires that operations financed with these funds be supplemental to normally-funded police programs.

This is the 15th straight year JAG funding has come to Peoria.

The Arizona Department of Homeland Security (AZDOHS) is giving the Peoria Police Department a $52,874 grant.

“These funds will assist in further integrating Peoria as part of the statewide disaster response program,” according to agenda information.

The funds will be used for  “chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosive (CBRNE) weapon detection” and “sustaining and enhancing the Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) program.”

Funds will be used to purchase communication equipment for use in tactical operations and to provide training to tactical team members. 

The TLO program functions as a field intelligence unit supporting police tactical, hazardous material, explosive special operations and uncommon events. Funds granted will be used to purchase equipment and training for the TLO response unit.

The funding breakdown shows $24,050 is to be used for “overnight travel/training,” with $19,000 for “in-house training.”

The Peoria Police will use grant funding of $5,200 for electronics supplies and equipment, $1,449 for telecommunications services and $3,175 for “local training.”