Gordon Huether’s Barrel Cactus sculpture

Gordon Huether’s Barrel Cactus sculpture is coming to Deer Village Park. 

The Peoria Arts Commission will dedicate Gordon Huether’s Barrel Cactus sculpture at 10 a.m. Tuesday, March 17, at Deer Village Park, 21217 N. 88th Lane.

After a Peoria Arts Commission selection process, Gordon Huether Studios was selected in September 2017 to create a new public art piece. 

Barrel Cactus is a highly-engineered, structurally-sound, brushed stainless steel armature welded together with colorful, dichroic glass fins, resembling the desert’s barrel cactuses. The use of dichroic glass brings multi-colored reflective properties to the installation.

Light transmitted through the dichroic glass surface of the panels will appear to be one color and light reflected from it will appear as a complementary color. 

Huether’s projects have included art installations for private corporations, airports, transportation centers, parking garages, hotels, universities, hospitals, recreation centers, civic buildings, libraries and museums. Huether has received more than 70 public art commissions and more than 175 private commissions in the last 33 years.

For more information about this public art piece and others in the city of Peoria, visit peoriaaz.gov/arts.