Peoria Police Officer Kevin Moe

Peoria Police Officer Kevin Moe was arrested by the Surprise Police Department on domestic violence charges. 

Peoria Police Officer Kevin Moe was arrested by the Surprise Police Department for aggravated assault. 

According to court documents, Moe pushed his wife, Ashley Moe, to the ground March 31, causing her arm to break.

A verbal altercation preceded the alleged aggravated assault at Moe’s Surprise home.

According to the arrest record, Kevin Moe admitted to pushing Ashley Moe “because she was throwing things around the kitchen. He did not remember if she threw the items at him and didn’t think he pushed her that hard to cause her to fall to the floor.”

In an Intimate Partner Risk Assessment, Surprise Police asked Ashley Moe a series of questions.

She stated that Kevin Moe’s physical violence toward her has been increasing over the last six months, that he has choked her and threatened to commit suicide.

Her “yes” answers to multiple questions placed her in a “high risk” category, according to the assessment.

“The Surprise Police Department is handling the criminal investigation while we have started our own internal investigation,” said Brandon Sheffert, a Peoria Police spokesman.

Sheffert said Moe was placed on administrative leave when the Peoria Police Department was notified of the arrest.

“Moe will remain on administrative leave at least until the completion of the internal investigation,” Sheffert said. 

“We hold all members of our department to the highest standards and thoroughly investigate all incidents of alleged misconduct.”

Sheffert declined to provide details, referring to the Surprise Police Department.

The Peoria Times has requested a copy of the arrest record from the Surprise Police Department.

After his March 31 arrest, Moe appeared at Maricopa County Superior Court April 1, facing charges of aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.

The court scheduled a preliminary hearing for April 17.