The Concerns of Police Survivors, Arizona Chapter (C.O.P.S. AZ) encourages the public to honor Department of Public Safety Trooper Tyler Edenhofer, who was killed in the line of duty, and all the officers who were involved in the critical incident that occurred at 10 p.m. July 25 on Interstate 10 near Avondale Boulevard. The efforts are to show law enforcement officers that residents recognize the difficult and sometimes impossible career they have chosen in public service.

C.O.P.S. Arizona encourages businesses and the public to show their support in a number of ways:

* Participate in Project Blue Light —Display a blue light in your home or business.

* Wear blue clothing in support of law enforcement.

* Tie blue ribbons on your car, trees or other locations where they would be allowed.

* Send a card of support to your local police department or state agency.

* Share a story about a positive law enforcement experience on social media and with friends/family.

* Most importantly, if you see a police officer, thank a police officer.

To show your support for law enforcement all year round, Arizonans are encouraged to purchase the “Families of Fallen Officers” license plate through Proceeds from the license plate sales go toward efforts to rebuild the lives of a fallen officers’ survivors, including Edenhofer’s.

Each day, 780,000 police officers across the country put on a badge and go to work knowing they may face extremely dangerous situations. On average, between 105 and 203 officers die in the line of duty each year, 50,000 officers are assaulted in the line of duty each year, 14,000 officers are injured in the line of duty each year, and more than 300 officers commit suicide each year. The military is possibly the only other profession in the world where those statistics can be found. Arizona has now lost two officers within the last six months.