The Peoria city clerk’s office has received five letters of intent for appointment to replace Cathy Carlat, who resigned in April, for the Mesquite District council seat.

Applicants had 10 days from the time Carlat resigned April 23 to submit a letter of intent for the position. They now have 10 days from turning in those letters to submit an application to the city clerk.

“The candidates that we received letters of intent from have 10 days to submit their application,” said Deputy City Clerk Linda Blas. “Once the closing date to file those applications, the clerk’s office will submit copies of the applications to the mayor and council.”

Benjamin Toma, Bridget Binsbacher, Jerome (Jay) Ellison II, Kenneth Krieger and Rich Butler have submitted letters, but have not yet turned in their applications.

Ten days after the mayor and council receive the applications, each councilmember may submit questions for the candidates to the mayor, who will compile a list of those questions for the applicants.

The council will have to hold a special council meeting, which would be open to the public, to interview the applicants.

“After the candidates are interviewed at the public meeting, the mayor would close the interview process, and then each applicant would be open for discussion by the council,” Blas said. “Once that is over, a councilmember would be allowed to nominate a candidate, and then they would vote on them.”

Blas said the council would not vote on Carlat’s replacement until after the process was completed.

The candidate chosen to replace Carlat would then have to run in the Aug. 26 election. If there is not a candidate who receives 50 percent plus one of the vote, there would be a run-off in November with the winner filling the Mesquite District post for the remainder of Carlat’s term through 2016.