Peoria welcomed two new Council Youth Liaisons to the City Council: Leah Gilbertson and Frank Johnson. Presiding Municipal Judge George Anagnost swore in the two students at the Aug. 14 City Council meeting.

Frank is homeschooled and is the equivalent of a senior in high school.

Leah is a junior at Barry M. Goldwater High School.

The city of Peoria was the first Arizona city to implement the Youth Council Liaison Program in 2013, which allows two high school-aged students the opportunity to serve a one-year, ex-officio term on Peoria City Council. In the positions, the council liaisons sit at the dais along with City Council as the mayor and councilmembers discuss the many programs and services that influence the community each day.

Liaisons receive council agendas in advance of meetings, with the opportunity to ask questions of department leaders prior to public meetings. Importantly, the non-voting liaison may join in the debate and discussion that helps to shape the City Council vote. The liaison will then report to the city’s Youth Advisory Board regarding key issues.

To learn more about the positions, contact Recreation Superintendent George Colebrook at 623-773-8494 or