Bee attack response

A Peoria Fire-Medical crew sprays the area under a Loop 303 overpass near Lake Pleasant Parkway to rid the area of bees. A CAP employee was stung hundreds of times by the bees.

Peoria Fire-Medical responded to a bee call this morning at about 8:30 a.m. near Lake Pleasant Parkway and the Loop 303. Upon arrival, crews found a 40-year-old man with several hundred bee stings.

A CAP employee was in the process of removing an abandoned couch from underneath a Loop 303 overpass when the bees attacked. The swarm had built their hive in the couch and when it was disturbed they attacked.

The man attempted to run from the bees for almost a quarter of a mile before eventually lying down with his face covered to keep the bees out of the sensitive areas. Unfortunately, there were no areas of shelter for the man to run to.

Peoria Fire-Medical paramedics treated the man on scene and transported him by helicopter to the nearest hospital. He was awake and alert and in stable condition when he was transported.

A second CAP employee was stung a few times and evaluated by paramedics, but was not transported to the hospital.

If you are ever in a situation where you are being attacked by bees, run away in a straight line, preferably into the wind. Do not swat at the bees or flail your arms, protect your eyes and mouth as you run. Attempt to find shelter, if possible. Do not jump into water. Dial 911 as soon as you are able.