Kristie Jane Koepplin Nurse

Kristie Jane Koepplin, a Peoria nurse, faces charges of homicide in California for allegedly helping a friend commit suicide. 

A Peoria nurse faces charges in California that she helped a friend commit suicide.

Kristie Jane Koepplin was arrested in Peoria Oct. 14. At Maricopa County Superior Court, she faces fugitive from justice charges, with a hearing scheduled Nov. 13.

She was transported to California, where she entered a not guilty plea to homicide charges on Oct. 29 in  Orange County 

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office said Koepplin  allegedly injected Matthew Peter Sokalski, 57, with a lethal dose of drugs in a Mission Viejo, California, hotel in April 2018.

“California’s right to die law strictly governs the conditions under which terminally ill adult patients with the capacity to make medical decisions can be prescribed an aid-in-dying medication,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said in a statement.

“That was not the case here. It is beyond disturbing that someone who is trained as a nurse to aid the sick and the dying would twist their duty to willingly end the life of another human being,” Spitzer added.

Koepplin posted bail and was released from custody. She’s due back in Orange County court on Jan. 7. If convicted, she faces 25 years to life.