Bill Patena, Vicki Hunt

Councilmember Bill Patena has been appointed as vice mayor of the Peoria City Council. / Vicki Hunt, a city councilmember,   has also been appointed as mayor pro tem for a one-year term.


The Peoria City Council appointed Councilmember Bill Patena as vice major and Councilmember Vicki Hunt as mayor pro tem for one-year terms, starting Jan. 5. 

Previously, Councilmember Jon Edwards served as vice mayor and Patena served as mayor pro tem. 

The vice mayor performs the mayor’s duties during her absence or disability. This is a succession position in the case of the mayor’s permanent absence. The mayor pro tem performs the duties of the mayor during the absence of mayor and vice mayor.

“The appointment of these positions is critically important to ensure uninterrupted leadership and representation,” Mayor Cathy Carlat said. 

“I am grateful for the support that Councilmembers Edwards and Patena provided over the last year, and thankful that Vice Mayor Patena and Mayor Pro Tem Hunt will step into these important positions. As we begin the New Year, council and I remain committed to cohesive leadership that enhances the safety and the long-term prosperity of our community.” 

The appointment of both positions is pursuant to the Peoria City Charter, which states council shall designate one of its members as vice mayor and a separate member as mayor pro tem. Both positions serve in such capacity at the pleasure of city council and at terms established by council.  

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